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The Zombies’ new album debuts on the following Billboard charts, dated Oct. 31, reflecting sales in the week ending Oct. 15.

No. 15 on Internet Albums
No. 24 on Independent Albums
No. 35 on Top Rock Albums
No. 94 on Top Current Albums
No. 100 on Top Album Sales

All of Billboard’s charts dated Oct. 31 will be refreshed on our web sites on
Oct. 20.

Here is what each of the above charts ranks:

Internet Albums – the week’s top selling physical albums sold through Internet retailers like Amazon.com.
Independent Albums – the week’s top selling independently distributed albums
Top Rock Albums – the week’s top selling rock albums
Top Current Albums – the week’s top selling current albums (meaning, generally, those albums that are less than 18 months old and have not fallen below No. 100 on the Billboard 200 chart)
Top Album Sales – the top selling albums of the week, regardless of age (so the list blends current and catalog titles).




The new "Collected" C.D. on Universal Music featuring 60 tracks representing the whole of my 50 year career in the music industry will be released in Holland on September 19th.

It will be available on Dutch online store bol.com and can already be pre-ordered NOW!!

Copies of the new album will be available at all concerts on my Dutch tour October 1st.-5th.

Details of the Dutch tour dates are on the "gigs" page.

This is the Dutch link for iTunes where you can download the "Collected" 3CD set for a very attractive price !!!!



When we started recording the new Zombies album we thought it would be fun to involve all our fans in the whole recording process. Together with Pledge Music we will try to keep everyone up to date on everything that's happening in the studio, what new songs are being written and any other news on a regular basis!!

You will also be able to buy the new album in advance and at the same time we will make momentos and special offers available to everyone who joins us on this musical journey!!

For more information please go to www.pledgemusic.com/projects/thezombies


Slowly but surely coming back onto U.K. time!
Many, many thanks to all those who supported The Zombies on their recent U.S. tour.
From the wonderful audiences to the brilliantly professional crews who work so hard back stage and to everyone at TCI our management company in New York who made the whole tour possible!

This weekend I'm going to Holland to play "The Day The Music Died" concert at the "Ahoy" in Rotterdam (on the 31st. August) to commemorate the last broadcast from Radio Veronica.

I should also mention that on September 22nd. The Zombies will be playing with Eric Burdon and The Animals and Christopher Cross and many other star names at the Moody Theatre in Austin, Texas in a concert in aid of The Health Alliance For Austin Musicians.
Tickets from   http://act-live.com/


"ON THE AIR TONIGHT" was released in The States on Zip Records on the 21st. January.
Here are the first two reviews!!


Album: On the Air Tonight Artist: Colin Blunstone
Label: Zip Release Date: January 21, 2014


With the recent revival of the Zombies and renewed appreciation for a band that was sadly underrated in their original incarnation, it’s no wonder that the band’s original vocalist, Colin Blunstone, would opt to renew his pursuit of solo success. Underscoring a set of songs that would have fit comfortably on the Zombies’ late ‘60s masterpiece, Odessey and Oracle, Blunstone’s still-superb vocals and his rarified arrangements effortlessly recall the band’s lingering legacy.

Consequently, one has to wonder, why Rod Argent wasn’t involved in this endeavor. Blunstone’s steady foil and partner in the second act of the Zombies’ saga, Argent could have ensured that On the Air Tonight became the Zombies album it measures up as, in all but name only. “Turn Your Heart Around,” “The Best Is Yet To Come,” “So Much More” and an earnest take on Duncan Browne’s “Wild Places” are rendered with the pristine approach and unapologetic grandeur that the band always aspired to. Likewise, Blunstone’s singing remains as lofty as ever, a reminder that his voice was – and is — a key component in the band’s sound.

Still, there’s no need to quibble about who’s credited where such a fine effort is concerned.  On the Air Tonight is worthy of the talents involved, and it ought to be noted that both bassist Jim Rodford and his son, drummer Steve Rodford, members of the current Zombies line-up, also play on the album. Besides, it’s wonderful to hear Blunstone’s voice back in the spotlight, on the air tonight, exactly where it’s always belonged.

Dave Martino's column in rollingston.com and yahoo!music    

Colin Blunstone: On The Air Tonight (Zip) Anything sung by Colin Blunstone—lead singer of the UK’s pioneering Zombies—is generally worth hearing and this new release, officially the singer’s 11th solo set, absolutely is as well. Featuring a mix of originals, tasteful covers, and a revisiting of prior classics like “Though You Are Far Away,” the album is fresh, upbeat and—considering that Blunstone was hitting the charts in 1964 with the Zombies’ “She’s Not There”—notably contemporary. I’m still amazed at how well the Zombies’ music has held up over the years, and albums like this only add to the legacy.



Just wanted to remind everyone that The Zombies will be touring with The Yardbirds, The Animals and Friends and Maggie Bell starting on 23rd. January at The Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury. Full tour details are on the gigs page.


I'm really pleased to say that Megan Baker House have been awarded one of the joint first prizes of 3,000 from the Lloyds Bank Community Fund. Many thanks to all those who voted for them and for anyone who would like to see the wonderful work they are involved in please go to www.meganbakerhouse.org.uk


Great News!!!!

The Zombies have been nominated to be inducted into
The Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame.
To take part in the public vote please go to the website below
and vote for The Zombies!!!



Since I have now become a patron of Megan Baker House I would like to encourage everyone to check out their website www.meganbakerhouse.org.uk  
They have currently been short listed for the
Lloyds bank community fund.
I'm hoping that anyone who sees the invaluable work that
they do will vote for them on the links below.

Lloyds Bank

or SMS Text Code: KWQC.
Voters should send the message 'Vote KWQC' to 61119
(or to+447860016016 if voting from the Isle of Man).

The Zombies/ Live In The UK album CD is available to pre-order on iTunes or Amazon.co.uk 


New solo album 'On the air tonight' was released on 15th October 2012
Available to pre-order from

CD stores

For Dutch Fans

Digital download stores
iTunes Amazon MP3 Play.com HMV 7 Digital Spotify




Re-energised, newly respected the ex (?) -Zombie is back with his 11th. solo album. Of late there's been a new appreciation of Blunstone and the voice that gave us everything from She's Not There to I Don't Believe In Miracles. This outing doesn't detract. Opener Turn Your Heart Around is classic, anthemic soft rock given meaning by Blunstone's nuanced edge; the guitar break alone (Tom Toomey) is so soaringly perfect, you know you're in the hands of genius. The title track, a deft soulful ballad, is classy, too. The big surprise is a number of sparer numbers. Though You Are Far Away channels Scott Walker's late-period haiku; Not Our Time is a tender, Carpenters style lament.


I'm proud to announce that I have been invited to become a patron of Megan Baker House, which does such wonderful work providing free Conductive Education Service for children, teenagers and adults with special educational needs and physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, head injury, stroke, dyspraxia and early on-set Parkinson's disease. I'll keep you up to date as I find out more about their methods and their successes and in the meantime why not check out their website?



Many thanks to everyone who made the unveiling of the blue plaque on Friday 27th. April such a success. Especially to Tony Dawson Hill and his wife Gill who's idea it was in the first place and to The Blacksmith's Arms landlord Mark and his magnificent staff for keeping the hundreds of people who came happy, fed and watered!!!

It's incredible to think that 51 years ago the 5 original members of The Zombies met outside The Blacksmith's Arms before their very first rehearsal and now here we are today preparing for our next tours in the U.K., U.S. Holland, Japan and The Philippines. I had absolutely no idea that I was starting a musical career that would last for the rest of my life and am forever grateful for the opportunities that music has given me.
I'm not sure when the original members of The Zombies will have a chance to meet up again as Hugh is moving to Spain shortly and I wish him and his wife Tracy every happiness in their new life on the Mediterranean. Meanwhile the present incarnation of The Zombies will be rehearsing this week prior to beginning a U.K. tour in Cardiff at "The Garage" on Monday 7th. May (details of all dates are on the gigs page).

Later this week I will be hearing the finished version of my new solo album "On The Air Tonight" and we will then be mastering and finalising the artwork ready for a September release. Of course everything we're doing today is only happening because of that first meeting in St.Albans all those years ago and I know I will go back to the Blacksmith's Arms from time to time to look at the blue plaque and remember what a wonderful adventure began in St.Albans in April 1961.

all the best,

The Zombies UK tour begins May 7th www.thezombies.net


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